Weight Loss


There are many reasons why people gain weight. Most commonly, the reasons are emotional, hormonal, physical, social, genetic or a combination of all of these factors. At Premier Women’s Healthcare & Aesthetics, we understand the complex nature of weight gain and we will work with you to devise a medically supervised plan that will help you set and attain your realistic weight loss goals. In addition, we will provide you with prescription-only liquid vitamins, B-12 injections and supplement packs to help you lose weight more effectively.

Premier Women’s Healthcare & Aesthetics’ Weight Loss Program includes:
• Physician Supervision
• Daily Meal Plans
• Vitamins & Nutritional Support
• Weight Loss Medication
• B-12 Injections
• On-site Fitness Camp (With Certified Fitness Trainer)

Initial Consultation includes:
• History & Weight Loss Goals
• Weight Loss Counseling
• Nutritional Support
• Discuss Activity Level
• Blood Work
• Body Mass Index (BMI) & Measurement
• Register for Fitness Camp

Patients come in for weekly weigh-ins with a member of the staff. Medication is dispensed monthly.

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